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Masculine Fragrance

Masculine Fragrance

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This is a collection of feminine and masculine personal fragrances. Carefully picked out and created with you in mind. All ingredients are skin, lungs, pet, plant and earth friendly and non-toxic.


Perfumes and colognes come in a stylish 60ml rectangular glass bottle with gold fittings 

These beautiful and ever timeless fragrances are available in four masculine fragrances . Some are custom blends and some are big perfume house dupes.

Masculine Fragrances:

Hunting Lodge: A deliciously luxurious, full bodied, woody fragrance with a burst summer fruits and spice. Topped off with a dose of the earthy but delicate outdoorsy earthy goodness of citrus, pine and eucalyptus.

Mountain Peaks: A fresh aromatic blend with rich fruity notes, garden herbs and delicate florals and a wonderful heavy base of woody notes of sandal and cedarwood all beautifully blended together to make you feel fresh and on top of a mountain!

Woodland Cabin: A light floral spicy opens the composition to a sweet, powdery accord of amber and embraced by rich and warm woody, musky notes. Inspired by the cologne Tom Ford Amber Absolute

Whiskey Glass: One whiff of this cologne and you’ll be transported to Cuba! A country full of rich, earthy scents and exotic adventures. Whiskey Glass will take you to the warm tobacco fields in Cuba and finish off with sweet rich notes of whiskey. Inspired by the cologne ‘Cuban

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