All of our fragrances are phthalate-free and safe for children and pets to be around.

Standard Range:
These four beautiful and ever popular fragrances come in a range of products across the range.

Blushed Suede - this has to be the most perfect balance between floral and masculine. Flirtatious, sweet, soft and floral. Peonies, leather bound books and a beautiful warmth about it that lingers subtly. Luxurious yet mysterious.

Crushed Lime and Coconut - let’s whisk you away to a tropical island with a piña colada in hand! A perfectly rich and creamy coconut scent with a fresh crushed sharp lime coming through.

Raining Roses - think fresh rain on a beautiful English rose garden with a touch of warmth from an ambered sun.

White Wood - deep, rich and masculine. An exquisite fragrance which truly captures the essence of crisp sandalwood with hints of vanilla and leather to make this a perfectly musky scent.


Luxury Edition:
All come in double woodwicked candles, room sprays,jumbo melts, standard melts. Some come in hanging diffusers and reed diffusers.


Summer Sunset - a raspberry + peach infused scent in a floral magnolia base. Fruity and floral - a superb combination. Both uplifting and refreshing.

French Pear - the gorgeous timeless classic that everyone loves! Ripe pears and warm spices, like a delicious pear crumble fresh out the oven. 

Cabin Fever - a romantic smoked wood with top notes of sweet rose and marshmallow. Comforting and wholesome.

Long Weekend - a refreshingly creamy and cosy accord with fresh and clean notes! Accompanied by mint, avocado and vanilla. 

Tall Dark & Handsome - a moody, decadent scent with a hint of sweetness and undertones of smokey. Think rich coffee, whiskey and caramel scents.


Birds Of Aotearoa: 
(Only come in candles)

a - Fresh, flirty and fun! Notes of citrus, fresh cut grass and light florals you will be waiting for a fantail to just flit by! 

Morepork/Ruru - Clean leafy greens, rain and sweet nectar will take you straight to the bush to spot a Ruru! 

New Zealand Pigeon/Kererū - This fragrance is fresh and inviting for your senses! With notes of clean water and cucumber it is very delightful.  

Pūkeko - This fragrance is curious, warm, woody and light. It is a light and comforting outdoor fragrance with notes of zesty lime, light florals and wood smoke.