The Story

Paper Daisy Story

Resilience, strength, new beginnings and beauty.

Otherwise known as everlasting daisies, the Paper Daisy is an Australian native wildflower and this is right where this combined personal and business journey begins. Born in 2015 in the Western Australian Outback, a dream of a business that promoted relaxation and tranquillity started out in notebooks filled with endless scribbles and sketches. Paper Daisy soon became my new focus. It had been a tricky few years living in a remote mining town in Western Australia; finding opportunities to connect, find peace and balance was a constant battle. I needed to find a way to nurture myself outside of it all. As a busy wife and mother of newborn twins in 2017 my time was being split a million ways and finding me time was becoming more difficult. I found solace in starting to creating unique blends of essential oils for my own cocosoy wax candles. By 2018 we had finally booked flights to bring us back to our beloved Aotearoa. Being back in the raw, rugged beauty and magic of the Hunter Hills in South Canterbury I felt truly reconnected and motivated to launch what had become by then my third child! 

Now I can recognise that the next part of my story is what makes Paper Daisy what it is today. During 2019 my mental health had declined, even the smallest of tasks became somewhat overwhelming. My passion and confidence in this project just disappeared overnight. Anything and everything just ended up on the back burner. Now at this point more than ever suffering with my mental health I understood the therapeutic values of these oils, and as a candle lover, for me filling a room with a soothing, calming scent was my idea of rejuvenation. 

It was 2020, and with the world literally having to fall apart to fall back together again It was time to give myself an ultimatum. It was now or never. This is the dream that I had brought home with me across the Tasman, a little piece of our time in Aus. In June 2020 Paper Daisy was officially launched. I started a website and began creating candles with both self-care, rejuvenation and ethics in mind. Two and a half years on, combined with lots of product development and a rebrand I feel I have nurtured a comforting, gentle and unapologetically Kiwi brand. 


Maddy x