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Hanging Diffuser

Hanging Diffuser

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This much loved product is 3 felted New Zealand merino wool balls that come with the fragrance you select in a 10ml spray bottle. They are able to be hung in your car, wardrobe, bathroom, caravan or where ever you wish! 

You can also buy the fragrances separately here

To use: hang diffuser in desired location, shake fragrance bottle and put 1-2 sprays of fragrance per ball. 


Note: colour choice is randomly selected to go with your fragrance choice. There is currently no option to pick colour schemes as they all vary. If you do not want one with pink please leave a note in space provided at the checkout.

Caution: do not let the liquid drip on any material that could stain or be damaged. Keep out of reach of kids and pets. 

Ingredients: felted wool, wool, diffuser base and fragrance oils

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