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Paper Daisy Story

Beautiful Mistake

Beautiful Mistake

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Beautiful Mistake is definitely beautiful and not a mistake.

These fragrances are ones that are being tested, ones that we liked the sound of so brought a small quantity in or ones we have blended ourselves. 

Each is a surprise and won't be replaced when it's gone, unless we decide it's too good to not make a standard product. It is available until sold out.

Each product is made in what we think suits best, it could be melts, candles, spray or diffuser we can promise that it will be BEAUTIFUL

Beautiful Mistake #2 candle - sweet, floral, creamy and soft. Smooth, relaxing and gentle. Notes of vanilla, almond and jasmine.

Beautiful Mistake #3 candle - fresh, clean, citrusy and salty. Set to invigorate your day and take you to the beach. Salt and citrus.

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