Collection: Home Fragrance

This is a stunning selection of fragrance for your home. Each item is carefully and lovingly made with the highest quality materials.


All of our fragrances are phthalate-free and safe for children and pets to be around. Waxes and bases are all safe and non toxic.


Home Fragrance Range:

These five beautiful and ever popular fragrances come in a range of products across the home fragrance range.

Crushed Lime and Coconut - let’s whisk you away to a tropical island with a piña colada in hand! A perfectly rich and creamy coconut scent with a fresh crushed sharp lime coming through.

White Wood - deep, rich and masculine. An exquisite fragrance which truly captures the essence of crisp sandalwood with hints of vanilla and leather to make this a perfectly musky scent.

Summer Sunset - a raspberry + peach infused scent in a floral magnolia base. Fruity and floral - a superb combination. Both uplifting and refreshing.

French Pear - the gorgeous timeless classic that everyone loves! Ripe pears and warm spices, like a delicious pear crumble fresh out the oven. 

Tall Dark & Handsome - a moody, decadent scent with a hint of sweetness and undertones of smokey. Think rich coffee, whiskey and caramel scents.

 Beautiful Mistake - a beautiful surprise! These fragrances are samples we have got to try and are all beautiful. Some are fragrance left from the old range. Some are testing for a new product. Either way it's a discounted amazingly Beautiful Mistake and we hope you enjoy them.